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The Book of Al-Mahasin View
The Book of Al-Mahasin

Al-Mahasin (Arabic: المَحاسِن ) is a Shi’a hadith reference written by Abu Ja’far, Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Khalid al-Barqi (d. 274/887-888). He was a great Shi’a scholar and his book was later well-known as al-Mahasin al-Barqi. About

“Al-Ghadir” and its Relevance to Islamic Unity 2 View
“Al-Ghadir” and its Relevance to Islamic Unity 2

In the section, we shall observe the viewpoint of the author of the “al-Ghadir”, Ayatullah Amini on the Islamic unity and the relevance of Ghadir Khumm in this regard. Similarly, the viewpoints of other scholars in this regard shall be examined.

“Al-Ghadir” and its Relevance to Islamic Unity 1 View
“Al-Ghadir” and its Relevance to Islamic Unity 1

The distinguished book entitled “al-Ghadir” by “Allamah Amini” has raised a huge wave in the Islamic world. Islamic thinkers shed light on the book from different perspectives; in literature, history, theology, tradition, tafsir, and

The Book of Bihar Al-Anwar View
The Book of Bihar Al-Anwar

Biḥār al-ʾanwār al-jāmiʿat li-durar ʾakhbār al-ʾAʾimmat al-ʾAṫhār (meaning: Seas of lights: the collection of pearls of the reports of the pure Imams) popularly known as Bihar al-anwar, is the most comprehensive Shi’a hadith collection

The Book of Al-Ghadir View
The Book of Al-Ghadir

Al-Ghadīr fī l-kitāb wa l-sunna wa l-adab (Event of Ghadir in the book and tradition and literature) is the title of a 11 volume book by ‘Allama Amini that proves and defends the immediate and successorship of Imam ‘Ali (a) to the Prophet of

The Book of Tahdhib al-ahkam View
The Book of Tahdhib al-ahkam

Tahdhib al-ahkam is a collection of hadiths by Abu Ja’far Muhammad b. Hasan al-Tusi (d. 460 A.H./ 1068) popularly known as Shaykh al-Ta’ifa and al-Shaykh al-Tusi. For Imami-Shia, it is one of the most reliable collections of hadiths and one of

The Book of Al-Ihtijaj View
The Book of Al-Ihtijaj

Al-Iḥtijāj ʿalā ahl al-lijāj (Arabic:الإحتجاج على أهل اللجاج), best known as al-Ihtijaj is a book in Arabic written by Abu Mansur, Ahmad b. Ali b. Abi Talib al-Tabrisi, the scholar of 6th/12th century. The book contains the

The Book of Al-Istibsar View
The Book of Al-Istibsar

Al-Istibṣar fī maukhtulif min al-akhbar is the fourth book of the Shia Four Main tradition Books. It is a hadith collection compiled by Al-Shaykh al-Tusi (d. 460/1067 ) known as al-Shaykh al-Ṭa’ifa. In this article, we shall be looking at one of

The Book of Al-Tawhid View
The Book of Al-Tawhid

Kitāb al-Tawḥīd (Meaning: The Book of Divine Unity) is one of the earliest and the most significant theological sources, which is compiled by the reputable scholar of hadith of the fourth/tenth century, Muhammad b. ‘Ali b. Babiwayh, known as

The Book ‘Man la yahduruh al-Faqih’ by Sheikh Al-Saduq View
The Book ‘Man la yahduruh al-Faqih’ by Sheikh Al-Saduq

Man lā Yaḥḍuruhu al-Faqīh (meaning: ‘He Who has no Jurisprudent’ with Him) is a Hadith collection by the famous Twelver Shia Hadith scholar, Abu Jaʿfar Muḥammad ibn ʿAli ibn Babawayh al-Qummi, commonly known as Ibn Babawayh or Sheikh

The Method of Shi’ism in Authenticating Hadith View
The Method of Shi’ism in Authenticating Hadith

Hadith is the second primary source of the Islamic laws, which is believed to be a record of the words, actions, and the silent approval of the noble Prophet Muhammad and his pure household (Ahl-al-Bayt) as transmitted through chains of narrators. In other

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