The Attributes of a Real Shia Muslim Based on Narrations (6)

The Attributes of a Real Shia Muslim Based on Narrations (6)

(64) The best of servants
Imam al-Baqir (a) said:
As he was asked about the best servants, the Prophet (s) said:
The best servants are those who become happy when they do a good deed, seek Allah’s forgiveness when they make a mistake, show gratitude when something is given to them, and pardon when they are enraged.

(65) Imam Ali is the disciple of Allah
The Prophet (s) said to one of his companions:
You, O Abdullah, should love, hate, support, and antagonizeall for the sake of Allah. You cannot gain the loyalty to Allah except through this way. A man cannot find the taste of faith, no matter how many his prayers and days of fasting are, unless he follows so. Unfortunately, these days, people are fraternizing with each other on the bases of the worldly benefits. Likewise, they love each other and hate each other for the same reason. This will in no means benefit them in the sight of Allah.
The man asked: How can I know whether my support or antagonism was for the sake of Allah? Who is the disciple of Allah so that I will support him, and who is the enemy of Allah so that I will antagonize him?
The Prophet (s) pointed to Ali (a) and said: Do you see this one?
The man said: Yes, I do.
He (s) said: The supporter of this one is surely the disciple of Allah; therefore, you should support him. The enemy of this one is surely the enemy of Allah; therefore, you should antagonize him. You should support him whoever supports this man, Ali- even if he is the killer of your father and sons. You should antagonize him whoever antagonizes this man, even if he was your father or your sons.

(66) The characters of the religious
Amir ul-Mu'minin (a) said:
The religious people enjoy definite characters due to which they are recognized: telling truth, redemption of trusts, fulfillment of the pledge, infrequency of pride, shyness, regard of the relatives, mercifulness to the weak, rarity of copulation, doing of favors, good mannerism, broad-mindedness, and pursuance of knowledge as well as every matter that takes near to Allah. They will receive abundant blessings and the best eternal dwelling.
Tuba abundant blessings- is the name of a tree that is in Paradise. Its origin is in the house of the Prophet (s). In the house of every believer, there will be a branch of that tree. That branch will carry any desire that occurs to the believers.
If a painstaking rider walks for one hundred years under the shadow of that tree, he will not be able to get out of it. If a crow begins his journey of flight from the lower part of that tree, it will not attain its higher part before it dies out of old age. You should desire for so.
The (true) believer engages himself (in acts and rites of worship to Allah) while people feel restful towards him. When night comes upon him, he takes the face as his bed and prostrates his honorable organs before Allah, Powerful and Majestic is He. He confides to the One Who created him (secretly) to release him (from Hell). You should be like this.

(67) The nobilities of character
Imam Sadiq (a) said:
Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, has given the Prophet (s) the nobilities of character exclusively. You should test yourselves through such characters. If you have them all, you should thank Allah and seek more. These are ten: conviction, satisfaction, tolerance, thankfulness, clemency, good mannerism, openhandedness, sense of honor, courage, and personality.

(68) Abdul-Azheem al-Hasani and Imam al-Hadi (PBUH)
Abdul-Azheem al-Hasani related: I visited my master Ali bin Mohammed bin Ali bin Musa bin Jafar, peace be upon them. When his eyes fell on me, he said: Welcome, O Abu al-Qasim, you are surely our disciple.
O son of the Messenger of Allah, I said, I want to provide my beliefs before you. If they are right, I will maintain until I meet Allah, Powerful and Majestic is He.
Well, said the Imam (a) show me. I began, Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, is One. There is nothing like Him. He is out of the two edges the edge of neutralization and the edge of anthropomorphism. He is not corporeality, image, accident, or essence. He, Glorified is His Name, is the Maker of the corporalities, the Former of the images, and the Creator of the accidents and the essences. He is the Lord, the Possessor, the Maker, and the Producer of everything. He is All-wise; He neither does the ugly nor does He break the obligatory. I also believe that Mohammed (s) is His servant and messenger as well as the seal of the prophets. No prophet will come forth after him up to the Day of Resurrection. His code is the seal of codes. No code will be enacted after his code up to the Day of Resurrection.
I also believe that the Imams, successors, and lawful leaders after him are Amir ul-Mu'minin Ali bin Abi Talib, al-Hasan, al-Hussein, Ali bin al-Hussein, Mohammed bin Ali, Jafar bin Mohammed, Musa bin Jafar, Ali bin Musa, Mohammed bin Ali, and youmy master, peace be upon you all, respectively. The Imam (a) said: After me, my son al-Hasan will come. What will people do with his successor?
What is that, master? I asked. Imam al-Hadi (a) answered: His appearance will not be seen and his name cannot be mentioned until he comes forth to fill in the earth with justice and fairness in the same way as it would be filled with wrong and injustice.
I submit to this, I said, I also declare that the follower of the Imams is surely the disciple of Allah, their enemy is surely the enemy of Allah, the obedience to them is surely the obedience to Allah, and the disobedience to them is surely the disobedience to Allah.
I declare that the Prophets Midnight Ascension is right, the tomb interrogation is right, Paradise is right, Hell is right, the Path is right, the Balance is right, and there is no doubt about the coming of the Hour of Doom and that Allah will raise everyone from the graves.
I declare that the obligatory religious duties, after the (obligatory) loyalty to the Imams, are the prayer, the zakat, the fasting, the hajj, the jihad, the enjoinment of good, the forbiddance of evil, and the keeping of the parents rights. This has been my religion, belief, and faith. Ali bin Mohammed (a) said: O Abu al-Qasim, this is, by Allah, the very religion that Allah has accepted for His servants; therefore, you should keep it. Allah may strengthen your faith by the true Words in this world and in the life to come.

(69) The Shiite does not deny four matters
Imam Sadiq (a) said:
He who denies four matters does not belong to our Shia: the Prophets Midnight Ascension, the tomb interrogation, the creation of Paradise and Hell, and the right of intercession.

(70) To deny the Ascension is to deny the Prophet
Imam Reza (a) said:
He who denies the Prophets Midnight Ascension is belying the Prophet.

(71) The true believer
Imam Reza (a) said:
For anyone who declares the oneness of Allah, denies His being anthropomorphized, deems Him far above that whichever does not fit Him, declares that might, power, will, volition, creation, authority, and acts all are in the possession of Allah, believes that the acts of the servants (the planning for the acts, not their bringing into being) are created, declares that Mohammed (s) is the messenger of Allah and Ali and the Imams who follow him are the arguments of Allah (against the creatures), supports their disciples, antagonizes their enemies, avoids committing the grand sins, believes in rajaa and the two mutas, and has faith in the Prophets Midnight Ascension, the tomb interrogation, the Divine Pool, the right of intercession, the creation of Paradise and Hell, the Path, the Balance, the raising from the death, and the Resurrection, he is surely believer and one of our Shia the Shia of the Prophets household.