The Miracles of prophet Jesus (pbuh) (1)

The Miracles of prophet Jesus (pbuh) (1)

Prophet Jesus like many other Prophets had proved the authenticity of his mission by miracles he demonstrated with the Permission of God. The wonders performed by the Prophets that we call ‘Miracles’ are referred to in the Quran(1) and the Bible(2) as ‘The Sign of God’, because it verifies and confirms the claim of the Prophets. Miracles also mean ‘Wonders ‘because they made the observers marvel.

In Arabic, a miracle is called ‘Al-Mo’jezah’ which means an act that humans are incapable of doing. No human including the Prophets could ever perform the miracles independently and without the Leave of God. The holy Quran in a general rule states that no miracle can ever take place without the Permission of God. “And it was not given to any Messenger that he should bring a Sign (Miracle) except by the Leave of Allah.”(3) The purpose of demonstrating the miracles was mainly for people to be able to verify and confirm the claim of the Prophets and to increase their faith. Thus, Jesus after performing miracles said to his people: “Surely, therein is a Sign for you, if you believe.”(4)

The Jewish people at the time of Jesus were also of the opinion that miracles are the works of the Prophets by the Leave of God. Thus, Nicodemus, a Pharisee, and a member of the Sanhedrin who, while visiting Jesus by night for learning more of his teachings, said to him: “Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God; for no one can work the Signs you work unless God is with him.”(5) Similarly, according with the Gospel of John, when Jesus miraculously fed five thousand people with a little food, people who saw that Sign said: “This surely is the prophet who is to come into the world.”(6) The holy Quran has mentioned many miracles performed by the Prophets.

Although they all did take place by the Permission of God, the phrase of the ‘Permission of God’ is mentioned only regarding the miracles performed by Prophet Jesus. For instance, the great miracle of splitting the sea by Moses is mentioned in the Quran: “Then We revealed to Moses: Strike the sea with your stick, and it parted.”(7) Also, the amazing miracle of the conversion of Moses’ stick to a serpent is mentioned in the Quran: “He cast it down, and behold! It was a snake, moving quickly.”(8) Regarding the miracle of Prophet Yusuf (a.s), the holy Quran narrates that he said to his brothers: “Go with this shirt of mine, and cast it over the face of my father, he will become clear-sighted.”(9)

And once his brothers reached home and cast the shirt of Yusuf on their father’s face: “He became clear-sighted.”(10) In none of the above examples the phrase of ‘By the Leave of Allah’ is added, although they have undoubtedly occurred by His Leave. It is only regarding the miracles performed by Prophet Jesus that the Almighty God deliberately adds the expression of ‘By the Leave of Allah’.(11) Interestingly, this phrase is repeated six times in the Quran only regarding the miracles of Jesus. Even in one Ayah,(12) two miracles are related to Jesus and as such, the phrase ‘By the Leave of God’ is repeated twice. Why? This is because the Almighty God aims at correcting the false and blasphemous dogma of the Trinity.

Traditional Christians say: “One way to establish Jesus’ deity and son-ship to God is by the miracles he performed. Jesus’ life was characterized by undeniable miracles. He was born of Virgin Mary, was resurrected and ascended to heaven. He also performed many miracles. A miracle is the act of God. Thus, Jesus had power over nature. This upholds the belief that Jesus is “The son of God!” Many modern Christian scholars on the other hand are very skeptical about any miracle related to Jesus. The Jews also regarded him no more than a magician did. The holy Quran, whilst acknowledging the miracles of Jesus, emphasizes that they all occurred ‘By the Permission of God’.

In short, regarding the miracles of Jesus, all, other than Muslims, have gone astray. Traditional Christians although they believe in the miracles of Jesus as reported in the Gospels, wrongly conclude from them the deity of Jesus. Liberal Christians and the Jewish people also have gone astray by either denying his miracles or accusing Jesus of being a magician. It is narrated from Imam Sadiq (a.s) that Jesus was once on the peak of a mountain called ‘Ariha’. Satan appeared to him in the form of the King of Palestine and said to him: “O Ruhullah! You revived the dead and healed those born blind and cleaned the lepers. Can you drop yourself down from the mountain without being hurt? Jesus replied: “I was given Permission for those miracles and for this I do not have the Permission.”

The Gospel according with John also quoting from Jesus regarding the healing of the man who had suffered from an infirmity for 38 years, states that Jesus could do nothing independently.(13) If Jesus be the son of God because of the miracles he performed, then Moses must have been the son of God before him, and so are Abraham, Jacob, Muhammad and all other Prophets peace be upon them. “Be He (Allah) Glorified and Exalted above all that (evil) they attribute to Him.”(14) Thus, according with the sublime teachings of the Quran performing miracles is a sign of being a Messenger of God not of being God or son of God! The Holy Quran has narrated six different types of miracles performed by Prophet Jesus, all by the Leave of God.

1. Speaking in the crib

Before a human baby learns how to talk, he must learn the rules of language and how adults use it to communicate. He begins with babbling, then will pick up some simple words from his mum and those around him, and then between the age of one or two years he will begin to from two to three word sentences. This is a normal development of the human ability of speaking. The first miracle of Prophet Jesus was demonstrated when he was only a few days or even few hours old. When he was just a newborn babe in the crib he fluently spoke out and introduced himself.(15) The purpose of this miracle was to safeguard Mary from false charges. Without this miracle, Mary would have been persecuted for adultery. It is, however, astonishing that none of the Gospels have narrated such an important and vital miracle.

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