Why was Imam Ali (PBUH) born inside the Kaaba?

Why was Imam Ali (PBUH) born inside the Kaaba?

The story of the birth of Imam Ali (PBUH)

It is written in numerous references that: “Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib and some others were sitting in front of the Kaaba in the Masjid-al-Haram, when suddenly Fatimah Bint Assad came and stood there while she was struggling with pains of childbirth and prayed: “O my Lord! I believe in You and all Your messengers and holy books sent from You, and I acknowledge the words of my ancestor Abraham, the Khalil (the friend of Allah), who has built this Kaaba. O my Lord! For the sake of the person who built the Kaaba and for the sake of the baby I’m carrying, make my labour easy.”

Suddenly we saw the Kaaba cracked from behind and Fatimah entered there and disappeared from our sight. And the cracks came together and stuck. We went to open the door, but it didn’t open.

Soon, the news of this incident spread throughout the city. Three days passed and on the fourth day Fatimah came out from the same spot, having Ali (PBUH) in her arms. And she said: “The most exalted Allah has preferred me to previous women, and I went into His House and I ate heavenly fruits. And as I was going to leave the House, a voice called: “O Fatimah! Name this infant “Ali” because the exalted all-Highest Allah, says: “I derived his name from Mine and he is the person who breaks the idols in my House.”(1)

The story of the birth of Imam Ali (PBUH) in Sunni books

  1. Hakim Neishaburi writes down in his book: “numerous and definite quotations narrate that Fatimah Bint Asad has delivered Imam Ali (PBUH) inside the Kaaba.”(2)
  2. Hafiz Ganji Shafei has written in his book: “Imam Ali (PBUH), was born on the 13th of the month of Rajab inside the Kaaba, and no one has ever been born inside the Kaaba before or after him.”(3)
  3. Shahab al-Din Mahmud Alusi, the writer of Ruh al-Ma’ani, writes down in his book in his comments about one of the poems of Abd al-Baqi Affandi Umari: “The matter that Amir al-Mu’minin (PBUH) was born inside the Kaaba is well-known and narrated in Shia and Sunni books.”(4)

So, the story of the birth of Imam Ali (PBUH) is a truth which is confirmed not only by Shia but also by Sunni Muslims and is written in details in the precious book of “al-Ghadeer”.

 A manifestation of the secrets of the birth of Imam Ali (PBUH) inside the Kaaba

But the secrets of the fact that why was Imam Ali (PBUH) born inside the Kaaba are expressed in some references, we mention some of them herein:

  1. Some of the Sunni scholars have said, after narrating the story of the birth of Imam Ali (PBUH) inside the Kaaba, that: “This is a superiority for Ali (PBUH) that he was born inside the Kaaba and it is a glory for his birthplace (the Kaaba).”(5)
  2. Alusi, who was mentioned before, has a subtle statement after narrating the story of the birth of Imam Ali (PBUH) inside the Kaaba that is quoted herein: “Glory to Allah, Who puts everything in its place, and He is the Justest of judges”.(6)

Then Alusi added:

“Perhaps Ali (PBUH) wanted to return the favor of the Kaaba that made him honored to be born inside it, so, he destroyed the idols in Kaaba; because it is said in some references that the Kaaba complained to Allah and said: “O my Lord! How long these idols should be worshipped next to me?” And the most exalted Allah promised the Kaaba that this sacred place will be sanctified.”

  1. Also, Shaikh Saduq has said that: “The fact that Imam Ali (PBUH) was born inside the Kaaba was a glory and a grace of the most exalted Allah toward his high and great place.” (7)
  2. It is narrated from Sa’sa’ah ibn Suhan that Imam Ali (PBUH) was asked in the last moments of his life: “Are you superior to Jesus, son of Lady Mary?” Imam Ali (PBUH) said: “Jesus’s mother was in Beyt al-Muqaddas when the time of her delivery approached. She heard a voice: “Leave this holy House for this is a House for prayers, not a place for the delivery of children.” But the walls of Kaaba cracked when my mother, Fatimah Bint Asad, was in the holy shrine and she felt labor pains and I was born inside it and no one else has this superiority in the past or the future.” (Seyyed Kadhim Qazwini, Ali (PBUH) from birth to death)
  3. And some others have said: “… It is apparent that the Kaaba had door for entering. But the door didn’t open, rather the wall cracked to be a more obvious reason for a miracle and because this event couldn’t be considered as a coincidence in the future. And more interestingly, after numerous reconstructions during centuries, there is still traces of the crack on the walls and it is filled with silver. And it is clearly seen in a part named Mustajar, which is always surrounded by a crowd of pilgrims who take refuge next to it and pray to Allah for their wishes.”

According to all mentioned before, some results are conclusive:


the matter of the birth of Imam Ali (PBUH) inside the Kaaba is a certain historic issue that is narrated not only in Shia books but also in Authentic Books of Sunni Muslims that are all gathered by Allameh Amini in Al-Ghadeer, as mentioned before.

And also not only according to Shia scholars but Sunni scholars the story of the birth of Imam Ali (PBUH) inside the house of Allah (Kaaba) is confirmed by definite narrations.


although all secrets of this matter are completely known for no one, it is clear in words of scholars of Shia and Sunni sect that this matter (being born inside the Kaaba) is a miracle and a glory for Imam Ali (PBUH) and it is a divine favor and grace which, according to the scholars of Sunni sect like Alusi, Hakim Neishaburi and others, is exclusive for Imam Ali (PBUH) and no one was born inside the kaaba before or after him.

And Imam Ali’s (PBUH) word which we mentioned before is more interesting that although prophet Jesus (PBUH) is a prominent prophet, his mother was ordered to leave the Beyt al-Muqaddas at the time of his birth, because it is a place for praying Allah, not a place for deliverance of a child; but at the time of Imam Ali’s (PBUH) birth, his mother, Fatimah Bint Assad, was guided into the Kaaba and was allowed inside it miraculously through the cracks on the wall.

But being born inside the Kaaba and martyrized inside the mosque, is a manifestation of his high and great place.



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