Conspiracy Against Imam Ali (PBUH) 4

Conspiracy Against Imam Ali (PBUH) 4

Also there was no reason for Umar or Abu Bakr to delete something from The Quran, because the name of Imam Ali did not appear in The Quran. (even though his name was in the divine commentary which was revealed with The Quran but was not a part of text of The Quran. It is no surprise that this divine commentary was suppressed). Nonetheless, Sunni documents agree that at least 300 verses of The Quran directly revealed on the honor of Imam Ali. (reported by Ibn Asakir, al-Suyuti, Ibn Hajar, etc.) Beside that that, Ibn Abbas said:

"There is no verse in The Quran in which the term 'Believers', unless Ali is at the top of them and the chief of them and the more virtuous one among them. Surely Allah has admonished the companions of Muhammad (PBUH) in The Quran, but He did not refer to Ali except with honor." (1)

Also, not all were sinners. The Sunni traditionists and historians believed that Imam Ali (AS) was the FIRST who compiled The Quran. It tooks that Imam Ali one week after the death of The Prophet (PBUH&HP) to Finish his compilation. Imam Ali presented this Quran to the rulers of that time and they had a chance to review it and learn about the missing verses of their own collections and they did correct what they missed.

(Please see the article of "The Quran Compiled by Imam Ali" for the references in this regard) As you see the one who corrected them was an infallible one, and thus we have all reasons to believe that the Quran that we have today is the very same as what was revealed to Prophet except that it is not in the correct sequence. But nothing is missing from it.

A brother mentioned that according to the verse: If two parties among the Believers fall into fighting make peace between them. If then one of them transgresses against the other, fight that which transgresses until it complies with the command of Allah; but if it complies then make peace between them with justice and be fair, for Allah loves those who are just.(2) The Quran did not remove the characteristic of belief from either of the two warring factions. That two Muslims fight is not an indication that one of them is unbeliever.

The above comment is correct. But the verse does not imply that any warring faction is necessarily Muslim even though they say so by their tong. There is no doubt that a believer can be killer of an innocent and also there is no doubt that such killer will go to Hell for ever as the following verse testifies: "And Whoever kills a believer deliberately, his reward is Hell forever, and the Wrath of Allah is upon him, He cursed him and prepared a great punishment for him."(3)

The above verse does not exclude believers from that punishment. Whoever does so, is entitled to the same punishment be it believer or unbeliever. I also think you forgot to think about the latter portion of the verse you quoted which was: "If then one of them transgresses against the other, fight that which transgresses until it complies with the command of Allah." Talha and Zubair are entitled to this last portion. Because Imam Ali frequently asked them for reconciliation, but they killed his messenger when he was carrying The Quran to them for a sign of asking for reconciliation.(4)

So those companions are "Bagee" -- transgressor according to the verse you quoted, and should have been fought as Imam Ali did, and they will be the companions of Hell forever. A brother mentioned that according to The Quran, Moses who was a Prophet of god was confused with the strange actions of al-Khidhr. But when at the end, Moses (AS) was told about the reasons behind those actions, he completely admired them. Moses (AS) was a Prophet, but still He could not see the complete picture related to these events; none of us are in the position of Moses (AS). None of us has a clear picture of what we are criticizing from the actions of the companions.

I would like to remind that brother that he is discrediting you the most important investment which Allah gifted to everyone that is logic (Aql). If I came to know God, it was due the using this investment. If I found that Islam is the best religion, it is because I used my brain and concluded that the instructions given in The Quran are sound instructions and the regulations of Islam are the best among all other alternatives.

If one discredit this precious thing, he will lose everything including his religion, and he will accept any irrational 'fatwa' as a religious command, he will accept some killers of innocents go to paradise without giving it a thought.

Moses (AS) did not discredit this precious thing, and he asked prophet Khidhr for clarification, and he finally got the answers and was convinced shortly after the incidents. Now, can provide any rational justification for what some companions did after the demise of prophet? It is about 14 centuries passed and we could not come up any justification for their deads. So why should we still blindly follow their narrations and their sayings which are in clear contradiction with the sayings of Ahlul-Bayt? Asking question is not sin. Remaining ignorant is a big loss though. Also comparing a sinless prophet with a sinful companion is like comparing heavens with the earth. A Wahhabi contributor claimed that the Shia do not follow the Sunnah of the prophet since it was transmitted by his companions.

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