The Attributes of a Real Shia Muslim Based on Narrations (4)

The Attributes of a Real Shia Muslim Based on Narrations (4)

36. The Shiite in anger and satisfaction
Imam Sadiq (a) said:
The true believer is he whose rage does not take him out of the right and whose satisfaction does not enter him into the wrong. When he has power, he should not seize more than that which is his right.

(37) God-fearing is in hearts
Imam Sadiq (a) said to him:
O Ali bin Abdil-Aziz, do not be deceived by their weeping. God-fearing is surely in the heart.

(38) The Imams commandments to the Shia
Imam Sadiq (a) saying:
O servants of Allah, I command you to cling to God-fearing. Do not disregard people so that you will not be humiliated. Allah, Powerful and Majestic is He, says in His Book: Speak righteous words to people. (2:83)
He (a) then said: Visit the ailed people, participate in their funeral ceremonies, testify for and against them, offer prayer with them in their mosques, and fulfill their rights.
He (a) then said: Some people claim being our followers and acting upon our commandments, but they do not observe the matters of which we order them and do not stop committing the acts that we forbid. Moreover, they divulge our secrets before our enemies, who come to us for interrogating whether we had really said such things. In such cases, we have to deny and disavow everyone who divulges such matters. Thus, our disavowal includes such people.

(39) The Shia, truthfulness, and faithfulness
Abdullah bin Ziyad narrated:
In Mina, we greeted Imam Sadiq(a) and said, O son of Allah’s Messenger, we are itinerant people. We cannot attend your sessions. Hence, we ask you to give us some advices. The Imam (a) said:
Cling to God-fearing, truthfulness, fulfillment of the trusts that are deposited with you, good company with whoever accompanies you, spread of salutation, and serving of food.
Offer prayers in the mosques of people, visit the ailed, and participate in their funeral ceremonies. My father told me that the adherents of us the Prophets household- were the best of their folks. The jurisprudent of any people was the Shiite. The muezzin of any people was the Shiite. The most trustful of any people was the Shiite. The most dependable of any people was the Shiite. Thus, you should carry such characters. Lead people to love us. Do not make them hate us.

(40) The Shia are known from their worship and faces
Imam Sadiq(a) said:
Ali bin al-Hussein (a) was sitting in his house when the door was knocked. He asked one of his bondmaids to open the door. We are some of your Shia, they shouted from behind the door. As soon as he heard this statement, the Imam jumped so hurriedly that he was about to fall down. When he opened the door, he took back and said:
You are lying. Where are the marks of your faces? Where are the signs of worship? Where are the features of prostration? Our Shia are characterized by their worship and shagginess. Their noses are impaired due to worship, and their foreheads, as well as organs of prostration, are effaced. Their stomachs are atrophied, and their lips are withered. Worship has changed their faces, staying up at nights has fatigued them, and hot weather has affected their bodies. They praise Allah when people are silent, offer prayers when people are asleep, and are sad when people are happy. Their distinctive feature is asceticism. Their wording is mercy and their main concern is Paradise.

(41) The Shia and the disavowal of the Jibt and Taghut
Imam as-Sadiq (a) said:
He who believes in seven things is (regarded as) believer: the disavowal of the Jibt and Taghut, the declaration of the divine leadership (of the Imams), the belief of rajaa, the legality of the temporary marriage, the illegality of the (flesh of) eel, and the illegality of passing the (wet) hands over the slippers (during the ritual ablutions).

(42) Manners of the believers
Masada bin Sadaqa as he was asked about the clear resoluteness that is seen in the manners of the believers, Imam Sadiq(a) answered:
This is because of the existence of the glory of the Quran in the believers hearts and the existence of the purity of faith in their chests. They worship Allah, Powerful and Majestic is He, obey Him, and believe the Messenger of Allah.
They asked: What about the stinginess that is noticed in the believers manners?
He (a) answered: This is because the believers seek only legal earnings. To seek legal earnings is something very hard; therefore, the believers dislike to forsake the things that they exerted all efforts painstakingly to obtain. When they are generous, they spend so properly.
They asked: What are the characters of the believers?
He (a) answered: The believers sleep like the drowned, eat like the ailed, weep like the mother that is bereaved of her child, and sit like the one against whom people are rallied.
They asked: Why are the believers more importunate than others are in the question of marriage?
He (a) answered: This is because the believers restrain their carnal desires and do not violate the others honors. Besides, they do so in order that their sexual drives will not lead them astray. If a believer gains the legal, he satisfies himself with it and dispends with anything else.
Imam as-Sadiq (a) also said:
Only the believers enjoy three characters altogether: the knowledge of Allah, knowledge of those whom they like, and knowledge of those whom they dislike.
He (a) also said:
A believers power lies in his heart; therefore, he stays up at nights (for worship) and observes fasting during days while his body is weak and thin.
He (a) also said:
With regard to his religion, the believer is firmer than the unshakable mountains. One can take from the unshakable mountains, while no one can take anything from the beliefs of the believers, for they are so observant and abiding by his religion.

(43) The believer, the Muslim, and the Muhajir
(The same series of relaters)The Prophet (s) said:
Do you know why the believers are called so? This is because people can entrust them with their souls and fortunes.
May I tell you about the true Muslims? The true Muslims are those from whose hands i.e. acts- and tongues i.e. words- people are saved.
May I tell you about the true Muhajirs? They are those who deserted the sins as well as everything that Allah has forbidden.

(44) The believer is displeased by his evil deeds
The Prophet (s) said:
He who is displeased by his evil deeds and pleased by his good deeds is believer.
45. The ugly believer
My father, Allah may have mercy upon him, narrated from Sad bin Abdullah from Hebbab al-Wasiti that Imam Sadiq(a) said:
It is very ugly for a believer to be humiliated by his desires.

(46) Leprosy is semi-curse
Imam Sadiq (a) said:
Leprosy is semi-curse. Neither we, nor will our descendants and Shia be affected by leprosy.

(47) The believer is firmer than blocks of iron
from Hussein bin Amr said that Imam Sadiq (a) said:
The believer is firmer than blocks of iron. Iron is changed when it is subjected to fire, while the believer will not be changed even if he is killed, cut by a saw, and then killed anew.

(48) Allah created the believers from the same origin
Imam Sadiq (a) said:
Allah, Blessed and Exalted is He, has created all the believers from the same origin. No one is added to them and no one of them is excluded. By Allah (I swear), they are like a head for a body and fingers for a hand. If you notice anyone unlike this description, you should know that he is hypocrite.

(49) Winter is the believers spring
Imam Sadiq (a) said:
Winter is the believers spring. Its long nights help the believer offer his rites of worship.

(50) The believer and the worldly misfortunes
Imam Sadiq (a) said:
Allah has not insured the believers against the worldly misfortunes. In fact, He insures them against the blindness in the Hereafter and the unhappiness i.e. sightlessness.

(51) The believer is not unblessed
Imam Sadiq (a) said:
The believer is not unblessed.

(52) Qualities of the believer
Imam Sadiq (a) said:
He who enjoys three characters has the qualities of faith in perfect: to tolerate the wrong, to suppress the anger, and to pardon for the sake of gaining Allah’s rewards. For anyone who enjoys such characters, Allah will take him to Paradise and will grant him the right to intercede for individuals as many as the individuals of (the tribes of) Rabeea and Madhar.

(53) Steadfastness against misfortunes
Imam Sadiq (a) said:
You will not be considered as believers before you become trustworthy and regard the favor of luxury as misfortune. In fact, to be steadfast against misfortunes is better than to enjoy good health with luxury.

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